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  • Your own domain name (yourdomain.com ,.org, .net, or international)
  • Your domain answers to both URL's, with and without the "WWW" prefix
  • We provide a free "catch all" email address which fowards everything sent to *@yourdomain.com to a specified email account
  • Large Amount of Storage Space
  • You can Telnet into your website to make changes, compile programs and many other things.
  • 24 hour direct FTP access
  • Email Autoresponders are provided with most accounts
  • Mailboxes for POP mail or for alias forwarding
  • FrontPage 98 extensions support
  • Daily backups of your information
  • Capture return email addresses with autoresponders
  • Email forwarding for all mailboxes
  • Imagemaps support
  • Your own CGI directory (with exception to the starter plan)
  • System has Perl 5.004, C, C++ and Java compilers
  • Anonymous FTP directory
  • Password protected web pages
  • 24 hour automated monitoring
  • We support URL spell checking


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